Wholesale Beef Townsville 100% Naturally Reared

Wholesale beef Townsville which has been grass fed, matured in the paddock, ethically farmed and delivered direct to your doorstep. That’s what we’re all about at Elliot Park Grazing and that’s no bull. You can be assured that all animals used to create our Townsville wholesale beef boxes have never had antibiotics, added hormones or steroids of any kind, at any time. Every animal is birthed and raised on our property, verified and fully traceable back to our farm. The beef is tasty and nutritious. We know that once you try it, you too will be obsessed with our 100% Bos Taurus Beef. So what is Bos Taurus? It’s a breed of cattle which produces premium meat, in flavour and texture. Well known Bos Taurus breeds include the British Angus and Hereford. More below.

How To Order Your Wholesale Beef Townsville

Pick Your Pack

There’s a range of beef boxes, available in various sizes. Each box contains a mixture of cuts to provide variety and ensure no waste farming.

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Order It Online

Secure online orders through our website. Make the full payment or choose a budget friendly payment plan. Quality beef, affordably priced.

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We Prepare It

Once we receive your order, we’ll prepare your beef box. NB: As we’re a farm not a shop, there may be a delay between ordering and receiving.

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Delivered To Your Door

Free delivery across Townsville. We liaise on dates and times. The meat will be chilled and fresh, delivered direct to your door.

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The Background On Our Bos Taurus Beef

Bos Taurus beef is renowned for its quality, flavour profile, marbling and tenderness. It’s considered a premium product which is consumed domestically and exported globally. Generally speaking, Bos Taurus cattle don’t thrive in the heat, but at Elliot Park Grazing we’ve made it happen.

We researched and toured America looking for Bos Taurus breeds that would do well in the tropics. We found the Senepol cattle, a 100% Bos Taurus breed originating from the Caribbean. They flourished there and as it’s the same latitude, we knew they would do well here too. We purchased our first purebred Senepol heifers in 2005 and slowly built up our herd, while adding some Angus genetics into the breeding mix.

The result. Our 100% Bos Taurus Beef, the Angus meat from the tropics. Our cattle combine some of the best of the Bos Taurus breeds, the Senepol and the Angus, providing meat with masses of flavour which will make your mouth water! Now available and sold as wholesale beef Townsville, from our paddocks to your plate. There’s a range of beef boxes available and all meat comes individually labelled and portioned in meal sizes. Order online today or contact us on 0491 201 304 or info@elliotparkgrazing.com.au

Wholesale Beef Townsville Nurtured With Care

Our Senepol / Angus cattle are 100% grass fed for their entire lives, left to range freely in paddocks and then rotated through to fresh paddocks. You may think this is the typical approach to raising beef cattle, but often this is not the case. In fact, around 80% of meat sold at supermarkets comes from industrial feed lots. Without being too specific, those cows are often kept in smaller spaces and fed grain to increase their weight gain. Movement is limited, to maintain weight gain. Product for sale is produced quicker.

At Elliot Park Grazing we take a different approach. We’ve carefully crafted our herd. Breeding occurs in our paddocks, as does gestation of about 283 days. Calves are born here and grow their bones and structure, for approximately 200 days whilst lactating off their grazing mothers. They are then weaned and graze for another 500-600 days, to continue to grow and fatten. This equates to 983-1,083 days of grazing here at Crossroads without a care in the world.

Our wholesale beef Townsville are born and raised on our pastures in North Queensland. When needed, their diets are supplemented with vitamins, minerals and molasses, for optimum health and nutrition. We don’t use artificial hormones, antibiotics or parasiticide drenches. We believe animal welfare is paramount; as such if surgical procedures are required pain relief is used. At Elliot Park Grazing we practise a holistic approach, with low stress handling, care and consideration for our cattle. Why? A healthy, stress-free herd produces better beef. Simple.

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