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Ours is a family farm and this is our family. Rebecca, Keith and our three daughters, Tia, Maggie and Heather. We purchased our initial parcel of property in 1998 and have expanded its size over time. We love it here, on our very own patch of North Queensland paradise. We’ve been breeding our cows for years. Building our stock, improving our soils and always practicing ethical and natural farming. In the past, we’ve sold our stock to other farmers, enjoying our own natural beef at home and sharing it with friends and family. In these times of COVID and uncertain food supply chains, we decided it was time to sell our beef direct to the people of Townsville. Premium, healthy and totally delicious beef. From our family to yours. More of our story below.

How To Order Your Grass Fed Meat Townsville

Pick Your Pack

We’ve prepared a range of beef boxes, catering to families and groups of all sizes. Enjoy a whole box yourself or share it with friends.

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Order It Online

Secure online ordering and payments. We even have a payment plan system, so you can make installments to fit in with budgets.

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We Prepare It

Our family will prepare it, for your family. We’ve raised this beef, nurtured it with care. We’re committed to quality.

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Delivered To Your Door

Our farm is located in the foothills of Mt Elliot. We provide free delivery across Townsville, arranging a mutually convenient week and time.

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The Background On Our Beef Loving Family

Elliot Park Grazing breeds beef by beef lovers, for beef lovers. Our family have been eating our 100% Bos Taurus cattle for the past 15 years and we think it’s great. The first time we tried it, we were instantly hooked and our obsession turned into a passion, which grew into our business today. We’re for nature and health. We choose not to use artificial hormones, parasiticide drenches and fattening with grain and are against bad animal husbandry.

What drives us? Our kids. I (Rebecca) was raised in a farming family too. My parents embarked on a similar quest around 40 years ago. They wanted to give their kids the best upbringing they could provide, with a vision of a healthy, natural farming lifestyle. I was raised on 100% fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy. I learned that with kindness and caring, natural nurturing and supplementing with vitamins and minerals, healthy livestock (and kids) could be raised and farmed.

So, when we decided to have our own family, we knew it was time to settle down and build the dream. Now, over 20 years later, we’re excited to take the next step and offer fellow Townsvillians quality beef.

Crossroads Is The Home Of Elliot Park Grazing

Our 1,350 acre property offers the best of everything for our beef. Located between the foothills of Mt Elliot National Park and the waters of Bowling Green Bay, we’re only 30-minutes (approx 43kms) south of Townsville at the start of the Bountiful Burdekin. We enjoy the summer sunshine for most of the year and have a permanent water supply.

Joining our family of five, and the 250 or so head of cattle at Crossroads, is our very own farmyard menagerie. We’ve got Maggie’s chickens, Cocoa the brahman poddy, Pepper, Demi and Missy the stockhorses, Suzie the very old, mad snake hunting, voluptuous wolfhound cross. Not forgetting Ema, the very elderly cat matron who would be nearly 20 years old, Tiki and Loki the very cute cockatiels and many more.

We all work together to tend our cattle and our property. The girls care for the chooks, dogs, weaners and any poddys. Keith is the go-to ‘fixit’ man on the tools for equipment, fence and yard repairs, water issues and more. While Rebecca loves working with animals and being with her kids every day, when they aren’t at school. We feel good about producing a product that is clean, wholesome, safe to eat, good for our bodies and our planet. Your support will help keep us on the land and in time, might even mean we can keep further refining the quality of our finished product. We can’t wait to ‘meat’ you.

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