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As we are supplying Townsville only at this stage, we will deliver the meat to your door, free of charge. Deliveries will generally be made on a weekday and we’ll contact you to arrange a time within a 2 hour window. The meat will be chilled and fresh, so it needs to go into a fridge, cold room or freezer straight away. We pack our beef boxes generally once a month, so please note there may be a delay between ordering and receiving your beef. You can order at any time. On receipt of your order, we’ll be in touch to provide delivery timings. For more information contact us today. Give Rebecca a call on 0491 201 304 or info@elliotparkgrazing.com.au


We’ve carefully crafted our herd to contain cattle that thrive in our tropical environment, without the need for chemical dips, steroids or antibiotics.


Our cattle are grass fed in open paddocks. Their diet is supplemented from time to time with natural minerals and vitamins.

Our Beef

You can have total confidence that our beef is 100% naturally raised, with no artificial anything. It’s healthy, delicious and your family will love it.


Grass fed beef is higher in all the nutrients and elements that are good for our bodies. Vitamins A and E, Omega 3, Trans-Vaccenic Acid and more.

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