Beef Box Questions

What type of beef is in the beef boxes?

100% Bos Taurus Beef. Our cattle are a mixture of two pure Bos Taurus breeds, the Senepols and the Angus. So this is the Angus from the Tropics. Grass fed and naturally raised.

Each beef box has a range of different cuts, as this is the most sustainable way to eat and farm beef. There is no waste. It’s also a great opportunity to try some different cooking techniques and recipes, you may even develop some new family favorites.

What do you feed your cattle?

Our cattle are born and raised on our pastures in North Queensland. They graze in open pastures on fresh grass. Their diet is sometimes supplemented with vitamins, minerals and molasses for optimum health and nutrition, as needed. We don’t use artificial hormones, antibiotics or drenches. NB: On very rare occasions, if there’s a plague proportion of flies, we will use organic insecticide.

Who butchers the meat?

Our local butcher, a second-generation owner operator, who shares our passion for ethical animal welfare. We deliver the livestock on the day of processing. The meat is tender stretched and dry aged. It is then cryvacced (less mess) and labelled in portion packs with name of meat cut, weight, dates, packed on and Best Before printed.

How is the meat packed?

We cryovac our beef into meal size portions. This enables the meat to continue to tenderise, while in its packaging. It also keeps meat fresher for longer. Some people don’t like the look of cryovac meat, because of its colour. Please note the meat does look darker, that’s because there is no oxygen in the bag. Once the meat has been opened, it will return to its usual colour quite quickly. There may also be a small odour when you first open the package, this is not reflective of the freshness of the meat and disappears quickly after opening. Cryovac enables us to deliver our product to you, as fresh, natural and tender as can be.

How do your prices compare to shop / butcher prices?

Really well! Our prices per kilogram across the beef boxes are cheaper than what you pay at the ‘shops’. Why? Firstly, profit is not our sole motivation. We value a loyal client base that have similar values to us, appreciating the time and care taken to raise our cattle. We strive to give our customers a quality breed with a quality life to produce quality affordable beef, born and raised locally on their doorstep. Secondly, there is no middle-man in our processes, we deal directly with our butcher and our customers. This avoids costly supply train and transport issues and allows us to provide the best quality meat, at really competitive prices.

When should I order my beef box?

You can order at any time. Delivery times will vary, pending availability and processing. When you place your order, we’ll be in touch to confirm timings. This gives you time to clean the freezer out!

When do you do your deliveries?

There is no set schedule for delivery at this time; it’s dependent on orders and availability. Generally, the deliveries will be done during the week and we’ll contact you to arrange a time within a 2 hour window.

How does the delivery process work?

We deliver the meat to your door, free of charge. The meat will be chilled and fresh, so it needs to go into a fridge, cold room or freezer straight away. As we will personally be delivering your beef boxes, we will contact you and find a mutually convenient day and time.

Cooking tips for your steak …

When cooking steak we like to ensure it doesn’t broil, so we make sure the hot plate is red hot before putting the meat on. When the oil and hot plate have been on for a while, I put some steak on and let it cook at least halfway through on one side. I then only turn the meat once and as we like steak Medium Rare, we soon take it off once turned. Let the meat rest for 10 mins before serving. Please keep in mind that fresh steak cooks very quick.

Cattle Questions

How are the cattle raised?

We’ve specifically selected the stronger, healthier individuals (genetics) that thrive in our tropical conditions. Our cattle are naturally tick and parasite resistant and as such, do NOT require antibiotics, pour ons, added hormones or growth stimulants of any kind.

We take our time and practice stress free handling of our herd. We walk through our cattle on foot and use horses, but also expose them to four wheelers as this is a practical means of checking waters and doing fence repairs. We nurture them by constantly observing and planning, to ensure they are rotated through fresh paddocks and supplemented with vitamins and minerals as their needs fluctuate depending on the season, the grasses and where they are at in the reproductive cycle (calving, lactating, growing etc). We find that by doing this, we do not have to treat them with pesticides as their natural immunity keeps them healthy.

They are 100% grass fed for their entire life on our grasslands. Left to range freely in paddocks and then rotated through to fresh paddocks. We do not use hormones to bolster their growth as we like to produce a product we know is safe to eat, because we’re feeding it to our family too.

How many cattle do you have?

We have a breeding herd of approximately 120 breeders, which fluctuates depending on the severity of the season. Our breeders give us a continual supply of yearlings which are approximately 2 years of age when sent to the butcher. We envision we’ll be able to conservatively supply around 50 beef loving families, with a constant supply of fresh meat. This allows for heifer replacements for our breeding herd.

Where is Elliot Park Grazing located?

Located between the foothills of Mt Elliot National Park and the waters of Bowling Green Bay is Crossroads, the home of Elliot Park Grazing. We’re only 30-minutes (approx) 43km south of Townsville at the start of the Bountiful Burdekin. ‘The Bountiful Burdekin’ so called for its fertile farmlands and abundant water, hence cane and produce.

We have Mt Elliot National Park vista to the North, North West of us, Burrumbush Hill to the North, Bowling Green Bay National Park to the East and the Haughton River to the South of us. It is a very picturesque paradise with seasonal lagoons that birdlife populate and fertile grasslands, like summer land most of the year. The Mt Elliot National Park Mountains that surround us have beautiful rock faces that glisten in the sun after rain, due to the water coming off the mountain.

What’s your farming philosophy?

To do no harm. We believe and practice regenerative agriculture, using technologies that regenerate and revitalize the soil and the environment, improving it for future use. Regenerative agriculture leads to healthy soil, capable of producing high quality, nutrient dense food while simultaneously improving, rather than degrading land, and ultimately leading to productive farms and healthy communities and economies. We also believe animal welfare is paramount and as such, if surgical procedures are required pain relief is used.

Questions About Elliot Park Grazing

What’s your vision for Elliot Park Grazing?

Elliot Park Grazing produces beef that is bred by beef lovers for beef lovers. Our family have been eating our 100% Bos Taurus cattle for the past 15 years and we think it’s great. We’d like to share this juicy and tasty beef with you and your family. Our family is involved every step of the way, from birthing to raising and delivering the meat to your kitchen bench. We know that once you try our beef, you too will be obsessed with 100% Bos Taurus Beef (the Angus meat from the Tropics).

How long have you been doing this?

We purchased the house block and all of 4 acres in 1998. We initially leased local paddocks as we gradually bred up our herd. Over time we purchased adjoining land as the opportunity arose, hence the name Crossroads. We went to America in early 2000’s looking for a breed that was good eating and could hack the tropical conditions. In 2005 we started breeding Senepol cattle, a (part of the) Bos Taurus breed. Senepol cattle ticked all the boxes, 100% Bos Taurus and naturally docile which equates to tender beef. We built up our herd of pure bred Senepols and infused some Angus genetics (again 100% Bos Taurus). Initially we sold our cattle to other farmers, but in 2020 we decided make our meat available to local residents. Why?

COVID 19. We get our supplies from town generally every fortnight or two and always have a freezer full of our own meat. So, it was a huge shock to see meat shelves empty during COVID, whilst we had so much beef walking around in our paddocks. We now have a continuity of beef supply, so we thought if we were going to give it a go, now was the time.

What’s your favourite cut of meat?

KEITH – Rump
REBECCA – Loves it all and can’t choose
TIA – loves lasagne, so mince
MAGGIE – Rib fillet
HEATHER – Fat (out of the mouth of babes)

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