From Our Paddock To Your Plate

From Our Paddock To Your Plate

Quality Beef. 100% Natural. Fabulous Flavour.

Quality Grass Fed Meat

Quality Grass Fed Meat

Fresh. Natural. Nurtured Beef.

Delivered Direct To Your Door

Delivered Direct To Your Door

From Our Family, To Your Family

Grass Fed Meat Townsville From The Farmer To You

Grass fed meat Townsville which is juicy, tender and full of flavour is now available direct from the farmer to you. The beef from Elliot Park Grazing is 100% natural, pasture raised and matured without pour on chemicals, antibiotics, steroids, hormones or anything else artificial. It’s bred by beef lovers, for beef lovers and we know that after the first bite, you’ll be obsessed with our mouthwatering meat. When you purchase from us, you’re supporting a local farming family who are invested in sustainable and ethical farming practices. We provide fresh, quality grass fed meat at affordable prices. There’s no supply chain here. You buy from us, we deliver to you, direct to your door. We’ve got a range of grass fed meat Townsville beef boxes, which can be ordered online or contact us directly on 0491 201 304 or

How To Order Your Grass Fed Meat Townsville

Pick Your Pack

To make it easy for you, we’ve prepared a range of beef boxes, catering to families and groups of all sizes. You can enjoy a whole box yourself or share it with friends and neighbours.

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Order It Online

Our website enables secure online ordering and payments. We even have a payment plan system, so you can make small installments each week to fit in with household budgets.

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We Prepare It

Our family will prepare it, for your family. We’ve raised this beef, nurtured it with care, letting it roam on grass pastures stress free. You can be guaranteed of our commitment to quality.

About Us

Delivered To Your Door

Our beef was bred, born and raised on our farm, located in the foothills of Mt Elliot. We provide free delivery across Townsville, arranging a mutually convenient week and time to come.

Delivery Areas

Elliot Park Grazing The Home Of Natural Beef

Elliot Park Grazing is proud to provide delicious grass fed meat which is bursting with flavour and contains absolutely no ‘nasties’. Our animals have been raised as nature intended, with time to grow and mature in the field eating grass. Our beef is not only 100% natural and safe to eat, it tastes amazing and we’re so excited to share it with you.

Family owned and operated by Rebecca and Keith Mitchell, ably assisted by their three daughters, Elliot Park Grazing is a real family affair. All five are involved every step of the way, from birthing to raising and delivering the meat to your kitchen bench. Our approach to caring for cows and country is grounded in ethical farming, sustainability and a nature and nurture philosophy. Our herd enjoy a stress-free life, grazing in open paddocks and rotated across the fields to provide time for the earth and grass to regenerate. We’ve carefully developed our stock to embody breeds that naturally thrive in our hot tropical conditions, with immunity to ticks and parasites.

We respect the land and our livestock, nurturing them with care and attention to maintain balance and enable future prosperity in the environment and for our community. We operate with focus and are committed to producing natural, delicious beef.

Grass Fed Meat Townsville Delivered To Your Door

When you order our grass fed meat Townsville you’re supporting a family, not a factory farm. Your money is returned directly back into the local economy. Best of all, you’re going to get quality grass fed beef delivered direct to your door, ready to eat. It costs less than at the store and it makes meal planning a breeze.

We work with a local butcher who shares our passion for ethical animal welfare. We deliver our stock on the day of processing and the meat is tender stretched and dry aged before packaging. All of our grass fed meat Townsville beef boxes are cryovaced in meal-sized portions, delivered fresh, not frozen.

Who are our customers? People just like you. People who want to know what they are eating, where it comes from and be confident it’s healthy. People who are time poor but health conscious. People who want to support and contribute to their local community and economy, while getting excellent value for money. People who are just like us too. We can’t wait to ‘meat’ you.


We practice a holistic approach on our farm, how nature intended, with low stress handling, care and consideration for our cattle and our customers. We’re 100% committed to providing you with natural beef, packed with flavour.

Our Approach


Our cattle are born and raised on our grass pastures in North Queensland. Their diet is supplemented with vitamins, minerals and molasses for optimum health and nutrition. We know, that happy cows make good chow.

Our Beef

No Nasties

We say no to lots of things on our farm and for our cows. No to pour on chemicals, antibiotics, steroids, gluten, grain, GMOs, hormone growth stimulants and preservatives. This is beef, the way it should be raised and eaten.

About Us


Elliot Park Grazing’s grass fed meat Townsville produce is nutrient dense with a healthy fat profile. It has high levels of antioxidants and best of all, it tastes absolutely amazing! From our paddock to your plate, simply the best beef.

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